Please Note:
The UCSF Coronavirus Neurocognitive Study is now closed. We will not be enrolling new participants or conducting any future research visits.

Please navigate to the Publications tab to view a summary of our research findings.

Our team at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center is looking for adult volunteers who either tested positive for COVID-19 or have no known history of COVID-19. We are studying the neurocognitive problems (thinking and memory issues) that can occur following COVID-19, as well as the underlying causes so effective treatments and therapies can be developed.

Study Overview

Research Topic:

Impact of COVID-19


UCSF Mission Bay
San Francisco, CA

Eligibility Requirements

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You may be able to join if you:

  • Have proof of a positive COVID-19 test, or have no known history of COVID-19
  • Are older than 18
  • Are willing to undergo a neurologic exam, thinking and memory tests, blood draw
  • Optional: lumbar puncture and brain scan



You can't join if you:

  • Have major medical issues
  • Are not currently free of regular recreational substance use
  • Are not fluent in English (reading, writing, and speaking)

Please note that meeting the above eligibility requirements does not guarantee enrollment into the study. Our capacity for enrollment may vary at times depending on the availability of study resources. If you have any questions about study enrollment, please contact the study team.

Frequently Asked Questions​​

What is the purpose of this study?​

We want to understand the neurocognitive changes that can follow infection with SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and what causes them. Currently, little is known about the long-term neurocognitive issues following COVID-19 and how to best diagnose and treat people experiencing these changes. ​​

What will participants be asked to do? ​

If you choose to be in this study, you will first have a video conferencing visit with a study doctor to discuss your experiences with COVID-19. There will then be an in-person study visit where you will do thinking and memory tests, have a neurologic exam performed, and a blood sample will be collected. If you choose, there is the the potential option to have your brain scanned (MRI) and the option to undergo a spinal tap to analyze fluid from around the brain. You will be in this study for up to two years’ time. A baseline study visit is required, and there may be up to six follow-up visits over time. 

Want more information?

Click below to contact the study team by email at [email protected]. You can also reach the study team by phone at (415) 502-5141.


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